Since the owner of Lorena’s and Iram’s house, Sabrina and Jim, give a big Xmas party in a week, they need some practise in mixing cocktails. And who is better in boozing then a bunch of international students? icon_redface
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AIMS Farewell Gala

Since a lot of international students leave Winnipeg after just one term, the AIMS Group (Association of International Management Students) organized a farewell dinner at Sorrento's, a popular Italian restaurant in the heart of Winnipeg. After the dinner including a slide show and an award session, we went to the Empire club.
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Iram’s Birthday

For Iram’s 23rd birthday we’ve organized a big surprise party. Thanks for all of you who showed up and made it a memorable evening.
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Its winter in Winnipeg, the thermometer reached already -30°C. icon_exclaim
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Night at Arthur Mauro

A night at my place with billiard, table tennis, foosball and a late night poker round! icon_cool
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Self-made Sushi

We were more or less successful in creating some self-made sushi. icon_surprised
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The Lid

We just want to discover another club… The Lid is very close to campus and has really cheep beer and shots, just C$ 2.5, all night long. icon_lol
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Assiniboine Park Zoo & Grey Cup Parade

Since the weather was beautiful today, we decided to go to the Assiniboine Park Zoo before the Grey Cup Parade started downtown (they have an albino brown bear in the zoo)!

The Grey Cup, as I mention in one of my previous blog messages, is hold in Winnipeg this year. Due to the game tomorrow, there was a big parade including firework today; however, everything was very North American. icon_razz
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Just took some nice sunset pictures out the window from where I live.
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Etiquette Banquet

When to place the napkin on your leg or how to eat salad properly? Found the answers to these and more questions on the yearly Etiquette Evening organized by the Commerce Students’ Association. Anyway, 15$ for a 4 course meal was a good deal (and you guys have the chance to see me dressed properly)! icon_cool


A great party with looooots of different food! icon_surprised
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@Khizar: thanks for everything

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AHL Hockey game + “Take Off Your Pants and Jacket” Social

Since Canada is famous for ice hockey, it’s almost mandatory to see at least one game. Unfortunately Winnipeg has not anymore an NHL team; however, they play now in the AHL, the second highest hockey league in North America. Today, the Moose (from Winnipeg) played against the ? (from the United States). (We lost 2:4) icon_cry

After the game we all went to the “Take Off Your Pants and Jacket” social on campus. It was just crazy! icon_wink
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Grey Cup @ Wise Guys

The Grey Cub in Canada, similar to the Super Bowl in the United States, is THE cup to win for a football team in Canada. This year the Grey Cub final is hosted in Winnipeg (the final is some when next weekend, but since the cheapest tickets are more than C$130, I decided not to go). Anyway, they showed the Grey Cup in Wise Guys…

German Dinner

The Germans prepared a delicious dinner including sauerkraut and a LOT of other stuff (we could feed half Winnipeg with food). After that we went to the Desire Club Downtown, however, it’s supposed to be a gay club. icon_mrgreen
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@ Jana, Peter, Uli, and André: Many thanks for cooking


icon_evil I know Halloween is on the 31st but on Saturday there was a party at a friend’s friend’s house, costume mandatory! For those you who don’t realize it, I’m not dressed up as a clown! icon_twisted
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Corn Maze and Hunted Forest

A good start for a (more or less) scary Halloween weekend, I went to a corn maze and hunted forest. Well, the hunted forest was quiet fun though; the earl who guided us through the wood tried his best! The Corn maze was really, REALLY big, I was not able (and motivated) to find all the clues! Fortunately I found the way out. icon_razz
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ForthWhyte Alive Nature

We’ve done just a 3 hour trip to the very close ForthWhyte Alive Nature centre. Every year, thousands of geese are coming to this lake.
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Texican Dinner

Lorena and Iram (Mexicans from Texas) were cooking delicious texmex dinner; we played basketball in the dark and other funny games.
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Arthur v. Mauro

I moved from my off campus address to a residence on campus. Its very convenient to live just about 150 meter away from the class room. icon_razz

1st Snow in Winnipeg

Today, a historical day! The 1st snow this season in Winnipeg! Well, I was lucky that it snows just about an hour and there is still hope that the snow will go away, at least for some couple of days or weeks. icon_exclaim


32 °F = 0 °C
23 °F = -5 °C

Thanksgiving II

A real Thanksgiving dinner: Turkey, cranberry sauce, smashed potato, vegetable and of course pumpkin pie!
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@ Ricardo and the AIMS team: Thank you very much, it was great!

Thanksgiving I

This weekend was Thanksgiving in Canada (and therefore no school on Monday *jupii*)! My first Thanksgiving dinner! icon_surprised

@ Lorena & Iram: where have you been, we missed you!


That you can see I’m not just partying here in Winnipeg. Here some impressions from the University of Manitoba campus: icon_rolleyes
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And here some impressions from the I.H. Asper School of Business:
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I love sushi and luckily there is a great Japanese restaurant downtown. icon_smile
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Spent a crazy weekend with the AIMS group at Clear Lake (that’s about 3.5h driving to the west, at the border to Saskatchewan). We left at Friday 3pm and returned at Sunday afternoon. Oh, I was so done after this weekend!

On Friday evening there was an 80th party and on Saturday a Western party in the pub at Clear Lake (I tried hard to dressed up suitable).

During the day we’ve done a scavenger hunt (that’s way the picture with the police men) and sightseeing to the lake.

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