Hair Cut, New Year’s Eve Party

Except Lorna, all of us went for a hair cut to look pretty for today’s party. Had a real Mexican New Year’s Eve party, including dinner, a Mexican live show and dance!
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Juárez: Steak and Party

We visited some places in Juárez and went for a 600gr Sirloin Stake for Dinner. At night we went to a fancy club (never had such a good service in a club) where a guy was so happy to see some foreign people that he sponsored us beer, the whole night long (dammed, we were hammered)! icon_redface
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Seattle, WA – Salt Lake City, UT – El Paso, TX – Juárez, Chih. MX

Since our plane left in the afternoon we had enough time to take some Downtown pictures and visit Starbucks’ firs coffee shop, opened in 1971. Today, Starbucks has around 12’000 coffee shops, thereof 8’000 in North America and around 300 in Seattle and suburbs. It is just amazing how many Starbucks shops you see in Seattle; on a 5 min walk downtown, you pass at least 7 times the green symbol (the biggest competitor for a Starbucks coffee shop, is the Starbucks coffee shop around the corner)!

After 2 flights and a delay of at least 2 hours Iram’s parents picket us up in El paso and gave us a short ride to their home in Juárez where Iram, Lorena, Jana and Roland already waited with some drinks.
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Seattle: Space Needle / Bainbridge Island

One of the things you have to visit in Seattle is the Space Needle. In the afternoon we’ve done a nice trip by ferry to Bainbridge Island and back.
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Vancouver BC – Seattle WA

André and I travelled by bus from Vancouver to Seattle (took us about 4.5 hours including 1 hour at the U.S. custom). We first went to the market (the guys from the fish booth make a big show, throwing fish to each other). In the evening we’ve done a stopover to try an oyster shot (André was a little scared to try). icon_mrgreen
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Boxing Day: Shopping Day

Every year on Boxing Day, whole Canada is on sale (heaven for some, hell for others including me)! Therefore, Metropolis Vancouver’s biggest shopping mall was heavily crowded (you had to line up to for 20min or more, just to go into some stores)! icon_question icon_exclaim

Before we went to Metropolis we took some nice pictures from the Lion’s Gate Bridge, a 1.5km long bridge connecting West-Vancouver with Downtown. In the evening we all went for Indian dinner.
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Skiing in Whistler

Whistler is supposed to be one of the world’s top skiing resorts and will be on of the places for the Olympic Winter Games 2010 in Vancouver. However, the Rocky Mountain Snow was great for skiing. Unfortunately it was snowing and therefore the view not the greatest and at the end, it was a very expensive day. icon_confused
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My conclusion: the resort is good, but a top Swiss skiing resort can easily compete with Whistler (there was for example no plastic cover for the chairlifts, which socks when it is very windy and takes you about 15min to go to the top) icon_exclaim

Xmas @ Obrien’s

Since my father has family living in Vancouver, we were all invited for the Xmas party; however, the Mexican’s finally decided to join me (the others had a meeting with other U of M students staying in a different hostel).

We were cordially received and had a great evening with a lot of very delicious food and drinks. icon_smile

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@Cristiane: thank you very much for everything, it was great!

Victoria at Vancouver Island

It was my dream to visit once Vancouver Island. Unfortunately I just had one day, barely enough to go to Victoria, a very pictures City with old colonial stile houses. However, the trip was the best I’ve so far done in Canada and the cruise to the Island was just awesome!
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Vancouver: Grouse Mountain

The plan was to go by Sea Bus to the other side of Vancouver and go up to Grouse Mountain. Since it was very foggy and relatively expensive to go up the mountain, we decided to enjoy the time around the mountain station.
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Vancouver: Stanley Park / Gastown

Breakfast at the HI Hostel Downtown was like eating in P-Hall, we met half of U of M’s exchange students! icon_lol Due to the heavy storm in Vancouver two weeks ago, the biggest part of Stanley Park is closed cause of uprooted trees. Anyhow, we enjoyed our time! In the evening we visited Gastown with the steam clock.
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@Mat: thanks for guiding us through Vancouver

Calgary AB – Vancouver BC

Before we left Calgary in the Afternoon, we took the chance and went up to the Calgary tower downtown.
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Lake Louise / Banff / Hot Springs

In the early morning we visited Lake Louise. Matthiew and I have done a short hike through the snow up to the mountain. In the later day we went to Banff and the Hot Springs. On our way back to Calgary we’ve done a stop at the bob run from the Olympic Games 1988 in Calgary.
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Johnston Canyon

We just rent a car and went for a 2 day trip to the Rocky Mountains. First stop was Johnston Canyon, the trail was awesome!
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Winnipeg MB – Calgary AB

First stop of my round trip is Calgary. Since Winnipeg is totally flat, I was very excited to see some mountains! My travel buddies, Ann-Laure & Matthiew and I stayed at a friends place at U of C (University of Calgary).
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@ Flo: thanks for giving us a home

Farewell, Farewell

It’s said; from the 12th until the 16th when my trip starts, every day more and more international students are leaving (very hard time with all these farewell parties)! Unfortunately the most of them are not coming back for the next term! icon_cry

Hey guys we had an awesome time, keep in touch!

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With no recipe and absolutely no experience, we stuffed and cooked a turkey. The bastard weighted 12 pounds (~ 5.5 kg) and it took about 3.5 hours at 325°F in the oven; however, it was delicious! icon_rolleyes
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Since the owner of Lorena’s and Iram’s house, Sabrina and Jim, give a big Xmas party in a week, they need some practise in mixing cocktails. And who is better in boozing then a bunch of international students? icon_redface
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AIMS Farewell Gala

Since a lot of international students leave Winnipeg after just one term, the AIMS Group (Association of International Management Students) organized a farewell dinner at Sorrento's, a popular Italian restaurant in the heart of Winnipeg. After the dinner including a slide show and an award session, we went to the Empire club.
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Iram’s Birthday

For Iram’s 23rd birthday we’ve organized a big surprise party. Thanks for all of you who showed up and made it a memorable evening.
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Its winter in Winnipeg, the thermometer reached already -30°C. icon_exclaim
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Night at Arthur Mauro

A night at my place with billiard, table tennis, foosball and a late night poker round! icon_cool
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Self-made Sushi

We were more or less successful in creating some self-made sushi. icon_surprised
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