icon_evil I know Halloween is on the 31st but on Saturday there was a party at a friend’s friend’s house, costume mandatory! For those you who don’t realize it, I’m not dressed up as a clown! icon_twisted
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Corn Maze and Hunted Forest

A good start for a (more or less) scary Halloween weekend, I went to a corn maze and hunted forest. Well, the hunted forest was quiet fun though; the earl who guided us through the wood tried his best! The Corn maze was really, REALLY big, I was not able (and motivated) to find all the clues! Fortunately I found the way out. icon_razz
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ForthWhyte Alive Nature

We’ve done just a 3 hour trip to the very close ForthWhyte Alive Nature centre. Every year, thousands of geese are coming to this lake.
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Texican Dinner

Lorena and Iram (Mexicans from Texas) were cooking delicious texmex dinner; we played basketball in the dark and other funny games.
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Arthur v. Mauro

I moved from my off campus address to a residence on campus. Its very convenient to live just about 150 meter away from the class room. icon_razz

1st Snow in Winnipeg

Today, a historical day! The 1st snow this season in Winnipeg! Well, I was lucky that it snows just about an hour and there is still hope that the snow will go away, at least for some couple of days or weeks. icon_exclaim


32 °F = 0 °C
23 °F = -5 °C

Thanksgiving II

A real Thanksgiving dinner: Turkey, cranberry sauce, smashed potato, vegetable and of course pumpkin pie!
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@ Ricardo and the AIMS team: Thank you very much, it was great!

Thanksgiving I

This weekend was Thanksgiving in Canada (and therefore no school on Monday *jupii*)! My first Thanksgiving dinner! icon_surprised

@ Lorena & Iram: where have you been, we missed you!


That you can see I’m not just partying here in Winnipeg. Here some impressions from the University of Manitoba campus: icon_rolleyes
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And here some impressions from the I.H. Asper School of Business:
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