I love sushi and luckily there is a great Japanese restaurant downtown. icon_smile
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Spent a crazy weekend with the AIMS group at Clear Lake (that’s about 3.5h driving to the west, at the border to Saskatchewan). We left at Friday 3pm and returned at Sunday afternoon. Oh, I was so done after this weekend!

On Friday evening there was an 80th party and on Saturday a Western party in the pub at Clear Lake (I tried hard to dressed up suitable).

During the day we’ve done a scavenger hunt (that’s way the picture with the police men) and sightseeing to the lake.

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Amazing race (Winnipeg edition)

You may know the amazing race from television (CBS reality show). The University of Manitoba Students Union (UMSU) organizes a one day Winnipeg edition of the amazing race.

Since the weather was bad this morning (raining and just about 13 degrees) and I didn’t sleep a lot (cause of a party yesterday night) it was hard to motivate myself to go.

The race started in the morning and took place the whole day. We had to go from place to place to find the next clue. During the race there were various activities to do like running and find a specific place, building, person or ambush, canoeing, hiking, climbing, eating disgusting food, answering questions…)

The race brought us to the following spots:
- University (start and finding the driver who drove us to the different spots)
- Blue Bombers football stadium (find a little key witch connects to a cave with footballs to play a game)
- Natural preserve (to go canoeing, counting bison, and finding a marble in a park)
- Zoo (to figure out statements and poems)
- Lunch at the wood
- The Forks (to climb up a tower watching and finding clues around the area, finding Waldo in the shopping centre)
- Long run/walk downtown to eat disgusting food
- Long run/walk to the legislative building (to answer questions about the building and the area)
- Wise Guys pub (final)

Well, the game didn’t start very good for my team, had problems to find our driver (by then we were #11 out of 15 and 20min behind the 1st team). But after that we have done a really good job. By lunch time we were the head team with a ledge of 7min. And we were able to defend this ledge and won the race by a narrow margin of 2 min! Lucky us, the 1st price was a 500$ travel check.

@ Jana and Lorena:
As I told you the day before, I don’t want to waste my Sunday for just the 2nd place, I want to win the race!

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International BBQ and Mexican party at TYC

There was a BBQ organized by ICS (International Centre for Student) as a thank to all “Welcome Families” in Winnipeg (families who cares about the first few days of an international student coming to Winnipeg).

Since there was the Mexican Independence Day (a lot of international student here are Mexicans), there was a huge party down in the city.
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Volleyball/Football and Chinese Food

Just decided to go for a volleyball game after end of school in the near St. Vital Park… Since the volleyball broke after few minutes playing, we had to change our mind and run for football.
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Sport makes hungry, therefore I went to a Chinese restaurant (good and much less expensive than back home in Switzerland).

@Alain: some familiar faces?
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Its baseball play-off and the Winnipeg Goldeyes played against the Redhawks (US). Unfortunately the Goldeyes lost. 4/7/1 - 3/8/1 (Runs/Hits/Err). So it’s now 1:3 for the Redhawks in the series (best of seven).

In Hollywood movies baseball looks like an interesting sport but it isn’t at all! The game took for ages (almost 3 hours) and nearly nothing happened! (But at least the food in the stadium was good). icon_rolleyes

It was a nice experience but it’s not a miss that the baseball season is nearly over!

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Pub Crawl

A shuttle bus took us to three different places around Winnipeg. We had a lot of party in the clubs and the bus! But hey, all locations close at 2am!!! icon_confused

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Road trip to Lake Winnipeg

Since this is a long weekend (with Labor Day on Monday September 4), my German friend Jana, the French guy Bruno and I decided to rent a car and go for a road trip. We got a little nice Toyota Yaris (probably the smallest car you find in Canada).


We went to some nice beaches of Lake Winnipeg (just about 100 to 140 km north). Driving in Canada is really easy, once you’re out of town, you can drive straight for hours! (I just counted 4 very slight turns on our whole way)


With about 25’000 km2, Lake Winnipeg is one of the 15 biggest lake in the world (more than half the size of Switzerland). Amazing, the whole lake is supposed to be frozen during winter and even trucks can drive on it (I’ll see and post another picture in few month icon_cool ).

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On our way and the effort to find the cliffs another tourist mention to us, we met Clive and some other funny guys (actually it was not really a cliff, but my joke doesn’t work with hill or dune icon_lol ). But anyway, it was fun there…

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Actually the trip was planed for 2 days… Due we were not able to find a hostel over night; we decided to drive the short way back (short for Canadian distances) and come again the next day. Lucky… on the way we also saw polar lights!


Cake & Karaoke

We had delicious cakes at Baked Exceptions and a lot of fun with the karaoke machine. Believe me, Robi and co. is nothing compared with us!

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A Big Surprise

Flying to the other side of the world and meet familiar people! Thank you Nick, the eaveing was great!

Nick & Brigitte, former ZHW students

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