Prince Edward Island (PEI)

PEI is the smallest province in Canada and counts just 100’000 citizens. Charlottetown, the capital of the province PEI is called the birthplace of Canada because the great grandfathers had their first meeting about the union in Charlottetown.
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Wolfville, Hells Harbour, Confederation Bridge

The area around Wolfville is gorgeous and actually worth to stay longer than just half a day. The area is famous for its tides. As you can see from the pictures, fishermen have to be careful to get back to the harbour at the right time otherwise the water is gone!

We reached the Confederation Bridge in the evening. The bridge connects Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island and with 12.9km it is the longest free standing bridge in the world. Look at it, isn’t it impressive? icon_exclaim
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Don’t ask me how to pronounce that! icon_rolleyes Kejimkujik is a national park in Nova Scotia where we went for hiking.
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Peggy’s Cove

We got our car at noon and drove first to Peggy’s Cove. Famous because it’s close to Halifax and supposed to be very pictures. However, we almost missed it because it is so small!

The only thing I knew about Halifax was the Swissair plane crash from September 2, 1998, when the Swissair flight 111 crashed into the ocean close to the coast of Halifax. The memorial is just a 5min drive away from Peggy’s Cove.

We made it to Lunenburg this day and found a good and pretty cheap B&B at an old lady’s house.
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Dartmouth is just a 15min ferry ride away from Halifax. Went there and walked around. Again, party with people from the hostel in the evening. icon_cool
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We spent the whole day in Halifax and collect information for our road trip around Nova Scotia. In the evening we went for some beers with people from our hostel.
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Winnipeg MB – Halifax NS

Yea finally… done with the exams and ready to see what’s going on in the Maritimes! Well, the day itself was not very interesting, spent the day pretty much at the airport with waiting for delayed flights. Therefore, no pictures…
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AIMS Farewell Dinner

My 2nd Term here in Winnipeg is almost over. To have a last big party, the AIMS group organized a farewell dinner at Earls, of course including the mandatory awards. Awards were given in the category: Mr/Ms Canada, Mr/Ms Sexy, Mr/Ms Trendy and Mr/Ms Party Animal. Dammed, didn’t make it for a price this today, rather got one last time. icon_confused We ended the night at Coyote’s.
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Good Friday @ Scheffer’s

André and I got an invitation to Brigitte Scheffer’s place for having a Good Friday brunch/lunch with family and friends. It was very nice and soooo much good food! icon_razz Later we went to the Winnipeg’s most famous ice cream place.
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@Brigitte and Family: thank you for the hospitality!

World Women’s Championship: Ger 0 – Sui 1

At the moment Winnipeg is hosting the Women’s World Championship in Ice Hockey. Switzerland is playing as well (didn’t know that we have national women’s hockey team) and since they lost by a mile (0:9) yesterday against Canada, they could need my support. And see it worked, we won the second game against Germany with 0:1 (it’s always good when Switzerland beats Germany! *lol*). However, Peter, who was joining me for the game was not very amused! icon_biggrin
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