Intramural Dodgeball

Here a picture of this term’s free agent dodgeball team. We were playing every Thursday in the university fun league, called intramural, and today was the last day of the play-off. We almost did it to the final; however, we got the 3rd place of the league. icon_cool

Royal Canadian Mint

There are two mint factories in Canada, one in Ottawa and one in Winnipeg. The one in Winnipeg produces all the Canadian coins we are using daily. They also produce coins for around 75 different countries in the world such as Thailand or New Zeeland. icon_idea

For security reasons it was not allowed to take any pictures from the manufacturing process, therefore here just some photos made in the souvenir shop. And on the way back, Jana and I stopped at a very nice mural downtown.
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IRC Dodgeball

There were the Inter Residence Competitions (IRC) this weekend and I was playing for the Arthur Mauro Dodgeball team. Dodgeball is a sport similar to what we called “Völkerball” in grade 4. So there are two teams and the object is to hit an opponent with a ball and thus put him out of the game. Unfortunately we had the luck not on our side, so we drop out of the tournament quite early. icon_cry Anyway, I just love this kind of sport and it’s really sad that we don’t have it in Switzerland!
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Lake Winnipeg

Since I visited Lake Winnipeg the first time in September last year (see previous blog entry “Road trip to Lake Winnipeg” from September 4, 2006), I always wanted to go back once during Winter! I could barely believe that the lake with its 24’514 km2 (more than half the size of Switzerland) can freeze entirely. But it is! Walked on it and saw snowmobiles, cars, and planes on the frozen lake. Went to Gimli and Winnipeg Beach, which is just 1.5h drive north of Winnipeg.
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We tried our best with curling and had a lot of fun. icon_smile
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@Nick: thank you for organizing and take car to your trousers.

First day with plus degrees

A memorable day, we reached the plus degrees this morning (first time in more than 4 month)! Summer is coming! icon_biggrin

Moose Hockey Game II

Some internationals had to sell Moose hockey tickets for their class project and because of sympathy I bought one. So we all watched the game Moose – Iowa; final result 4:1, jupii!. And hey, we all got a free Moose towels (and a credit card company our (faked-) addresses) icon_lol
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Mexican Party

Our Mexicans organized a Mexican party on campus including Salsa and Tequila. However, residence security shut down the party too early icon_mad (and we had to go to Wise Guys after to finish partying)!
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Winterpeg, Manisnoba

For all of you back home who missed this year’s winter in Switzerland, we still have it! It just snowed some days ago and with -13°C it could also be worse with the temperature! (We actually expect our first day with positive temperature some when during the coming week.)
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Moose Hockey Game

Went to my second hockey game here in Canada; the Manitoba Moose played against Toronto. (Since some of us got kicked out of the stadium, here the result: 6:2 for the Moose) icon_lol

After we went to Shannon’s Irish Pub around the corner to celebrate the heroic victory! (Special thanks to Kira for organizing the evening, it was awesome.)
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