Goodbye Margarita

It was Margarita’s last evening in her most favorite city! icon_wink Tomorrow she is leaving back to Spain respectively Germany. We had a dinner including all her Brazilian friends from the lab.

Montréal III: Olympic Hall, Mount-Royal

We spent our last day in Montréal by visiting the Olympic park with its tower and had a hike up to Mount-Royal in the afternoon. By the way, does somebody know Christiane Stückelberger? She won gold at the Olympic Games 1976 in Montréal for Switzerland in Dressage. icon_idea

In the evening/night we took the plane back to Winnipeg!
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Ottawa ON

Ottawa, the capital of Canada, is just 2.5h south of Montréal by bus and worth a day trip. We visited the very nice looking parliament building had a walk through the city and went to a museum.
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Montréal II: Old Port, Island

Today, we went to Old Montréal and the Old Port and in the afternoon to Île Sainte-Hélène and Île Notre-Dame. Back in the hostel we met Sanya and Tim and went to discover Montréal’s nightlife. We find out that they are also student at the University of Winnipeg; how small Canada is! icon_smile
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Montréal I: Downtown

Just a lazy day, walking downtown Montréal and taking some funny pictures. In the evening we went to a fancy restaurant called “Newtown” where we had dinner with Jaque Villeneuve, the F1 world champion from 1997. icon_cool
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Québec QC – Montréal QC

Since the view was a little better this morning, I went to lower town to take some nice pictures. Seems the church “Notre-Dame des Victoire” familiar to you? Then you may remember the end of the film “Catch Me If You Can” which actually plays in France but was filmed in Québec.

In the afternoon I took the bus back to Montréal, where I met Margarita.
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Quebec City is one of the most beautiful cities in North America I know so far. Actually, it looks more like somewhere in France, Belgium or Switzerland. The city is one of the oldest in North America and the only fortified city north of Mexico whose walls sill exists.

Due to an upcoming snow storm, the view was very bad. However, I visited the old part of Quebec, have done a boat trip through the almost frozen river and visited the parliament (Quebec City is the capital of the Canadian province Quebec). In the evening I had a private guided tour; thank you Vivien.
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Winnipeg MB – Québec QC

Since we have one week off, called “reading week”, I took the opportunity to discover the French part of Canada. Flew from Winnipeg to Montréal and took the bus to Quebec City, where I arrived in the late evening.

Festival du Voyageur

Every year the French community in Winnipeg organizes the “Festival du Voyageur”, an outdoor event including nice snow sculptures, live music and bars (luckily in tents because it was horrible cold).
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Its f*** cold

It’s kind of chilly outside at the moment! Today was one of the coldest days ever, since I’m here in Winnipeg. It was -55°C in the wind. However, the sun was shining and its not too bad, mean you get used to it. icon_redface

Holiday Mountain

Yes, there is a skiing resort in Manitoba, called Holiday Mountain, which is just about 1.5h away from Winnipeg. Well, it looks more like a small hill (in the picture above you can see the whole ski-slope)! icon_eek Anyway, even it was horrible cold (-42°C without wind) we had a lot of fun and skied all day and night (night skiing until 10:30pm).

And of course there was a great après ski party including “scribble my white t-shirt sexy”! icon_wink
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Brazilian Party

A Brazilian Party, organized by Brazilian’s and a lot of Caipirinhas! icon_smile
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