Ice Skating

We decided to go for ice skating on the river. Since it was unusual warm this day (only around -4°C) a lot of other people had the same idea! Unfortunately there were no ice skates to rent in Roland’s or my size. However, it was a very nice afternoon.
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New Term – New Exchange Students

I’m proud to present UofM’s NEW exchange students (or at least some of it)! You may also recognize some familiar faces.
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Art Social

We went to a social from the School of Art. Well… let’s say it was different! (Unfortunately no good picture from the girl with the blinking bra or the pumpkin moderator! ) icon_wink
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@Jana: A Pharaoh is maybe in the Pyramid; but Pyramid’s is not Pharaoh’s.

Robin’s Misfortune & Fancy Drinks

Jaja Robin I know, its just beer… Are you sure? Don’t worry, I won’t tell anybody! icon_lol
However, after that we went to the Lid where we had a good party and some fancy drinks. Image Image Image

El Paso TX – Denver CO – Winnipeg MB

Directly after the party and with no sleep my plane left at 6am in the morning over Denver back to cold and flat Winnipeg!
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White Sands

Since we had our car until noon, we left early in the morning to visit the White Sands National Monument in New Mexico. Unfortunately we were later than expected and therefore we had not much time at the White Sands; however, it was just amazing! icon_surprised

In the evening after the arrival of the famous Uli (Lorena’s German boyfriend) we went to a club with live music. For me it was a kind of farewell– for Uli a welcome party.
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After an unhurried day on the 3rd with playing volleyball and helping the pastor living close to Iram’s place with picking up a fridge, Lorena, André and I rented a car today. We visited Carlsbad, a huge cave in New Mexico State; however, it was a long but very nice drive (the guys form Texas are really proud of their president). icon_rolleyes
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Downtown El Paso and Juárez

Went for a Museum in downtown El Paso and visited as well downtown Juárez by night. In the night we went to a club which is supposed to have the cheapest beer in town. And believe me, it was cheap, REALLY cheap! (paid US$ 1.5 for 30 bottles icon_exclaim ) icon_biggrin
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El Paso: University of Texas

After sleep late, we decided to cross the border and go to the Texas side. After line up for around an hour, showing our passports and answering the customs officer’s questions, we finally could enter the United States and visit U of T as well as El Paso. In the evening we went for bowling in Mexico.
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